Hipster or phenomenon?

It has been about two weeks since PokemonGo came in and swept the nation. Niantic Labs have people literally going outside, to catch all types of Pokémon around their surrounding area. It has spawned many business ideas where places with Pokestops are offering deals at certain times/days by placing lures which attract Pokémon to that specific area for 30 minutes. People are outside right now next to a couple of Pokestops around town either catching or searching for Pokémon. There have been reports of robbers purposely placing lure traps and when you leave your house they come in. Reports of people quitting their jobs just to catch these Pokémon. People being in the wrong place and the wrong time and getting beat up by muggers. Heck a girl was searching for a Pokémon and ended up finding a dead body. But throughout all that chaos it has actually gotten people to be more social, active and get out the house.

This game has brought in the unique dynamic of socializing and playing outside again. Do you remember that nostalgic feeling when you when you were young and finally done with your homework and your friends were outside racing bikes, or shooting hoops? Do you remember when it was summertime and all you wanted to do was go outside and be with your friends till it was time to go back inside to eat? When we get older responsibilities start becoming more serious. Technology has been better and now we rather sit and home and play video games. Interactions have been less frequent because you can do everything online. Now people of all ages are going outside playing this game. No other game has brought people outside in this way before and it’s a fairly basic game. The augmented reality is cool but it leaves more to be desired. You aren’t allowed to trade and you can’t battle people straight up. Technically you can battle people through the Pokémon Gym but it isn’t necessarily the same. This will all be coming through updates Niantic Labs promised. But for now this game can do no wrong and the fact that at one point it had more active users daily then twitter tells you so.

Whether it’s the hip thing to play or a phenomenon time will tell. The fact that a lot of businesses and business ideas have piggy backed off the success of this game is going to give it a lot of life. I even have a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Group for anyone and everyone willing to join and help build a community to share tips, pics and all. You can find the links to all that below. I am more interested in the future of gaming now and the future of Niantic because of this is augmented reality game. The fact that virtual reality has became exceeding relevant today. I wonder what gaming developers now will have up their sleeves. Or is the Pokémon brand just so dope that when you hear a Pokemon game drops. You just gotta catch them all.

For the record I do play the game also. But I am not grinding like some of my other friends who are trying to get to level 30. I am just enjoying myself taking it slow and most importantly trying to be safe. So should all of you.

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