Donald Trump = A Nation Divided

What if I told you Obama made Trump?

Written By: Kosher

If you have been living under a rock for the last year and a half you have been missing the unique and mysterious rise of the republican president candidate Donald John Trump. The unequivocally brash and often outspoken businessman does not hold back. Whether it was trolling former Florida Jeb Bush’s website and having it redirect to his own. His countless swipes at Fox anchorwoman  Megyn Kelly. Or his routinely quoted idea of building a wall around America to keep the immigrants out. He’s unapologetic and if I can say so myself a master of slight of hand. David Copperfield may need to find a new home away from the MGM if Donald Trump becomes president, because he literally tricked America with his illusions of grander.

Making America great again with ignorant ideas and shallow international policies is idiotic to say the least. The fact that he can sway millions of people with his rhetoric and although I do not think truly is what everyone is making out to be. I think the supporters that he generates are the people we all need to be weary of. On the heels of America’s first black president which was in it’s own right is remarkable with a name like Barack Hussain Obama. It was looking like America’s subconscious/institutional racism may have finally been addressed head on. Eight years later that topic is more relevant than ever with the political injustices minorities especially the African American community have faced. Pops up a potential president candidate who has had campaign rallies that people have compared to Hitler.

In a weird way I feel like Obama birthed Trump. The last eight years shaped his mind and created what we see to today. It is almost the antithesis of what Obama is trying to leave his legacy on. A country that was progressive, liberal and open minded. Where with Trump as soon as he gets the chance to get in office is gonna try to reverse everything Obama tried to established. The thing is with Obama the nation has been divided on his political stances. With Trump the lines has been drawn. Obama is so influential over Trump, Trump’s staff thought it was ok to plagiarize one of Michelle Obama’s speeches for Melenia Trump at the Republican National Convention.

The thing is we need Donald Trump, with all his racists and bigotry statements. But, more especially we need to see and know the people who are rallying and supporting behind him. Once we figure that out we all need so sit down and talk. There is a clear disconnect with one side of the American public to the other. Even the news media outlets all take turns taking swipes at Trump. There is something egregiously wrong with this picture. I can officially say I am not voting for the Trump/Pence ticket. I am not even too head over heels with what Hillary has got cooking up either. But I am almost certain if Trump wins, we are officially a nation divided.



Author: FTESWL

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