Batman’s Inception: Batman VS Superman Film Review

Written by: Kosher 


 If you have already seen the Batman VS Superman movie, read or heard the reviews from IGN or Rotten Tomatoes. Or if you even listened to episode 17 on the FTESWL podcast you would already know… This movie is not what it’s all cracked up to be. Now to no fault of its own. These are two of the most recognizable superheroes, no scratch that. These are the two most recognizable superheroes period and we get to finally see them on the screen together. Oh what a time to be alive! In this day and age where Marvel comics every other year has a new super hero movie coming out looking to out do its last film. DC has only had one superhero running the gauntlet for them and that has been respectively Batman and his Dark Knight trilogy. Green Lantern was a failure and the first Man of Steel did well but it didn’t do the numbers that Warner Bros wanted. So what now? Does DC do another reboot like Marvel did with X-Men? Do they add a new superhero into the mix? What’s their game plan?

Oh you guessed it already huh? They bring in Batman to help boost up Superman’s box office stock. Power move for DC to bring in both heavy hitters to share the screen in a live action movie. In reality Batman can’t hold a candle to Superman. In the movie he not only holds his own but many believe steals the show and buries Superman symbolic of his death at the end of the movie. Hey! I did warn you there was going to be spoilers at the beginning right? Who would of thought a showdown between Batman vs Superman would have Superman not only jobbing to Bats but dying.
Now let’s get this straight Batman doesn’t necessarily kill Superman but their fued takes up too much time and it lets the Joker oops I mean Riddler no wait I got it Lex Luther’s son! Unleashed his creation his little Frankenstein to the world in Doomsday, sent out to destroy Superman. Their fight ends in only Mortal Kombat style fatality where Superman shoves a kryptonic spear straight through Doomsday and Doomsday pierces Superman back through his chest with his sharp dagger like hand. This then kills both Doomsday and Superman. All this happens right before Batman’s eyes and he can’t do anything to stop it. To add a cherry on top Batman now knows there are other super heroes out there thanks to Lex Luther (Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman) and he also gets to team up with Wonderwoman. Also if you look closely you will spot Martian Manhunter.
This is all jammed into Superman’s second movie. No not the Justice League movie. The funny thing about all this is there is an iconic scene in the movie called the “nightmare scene” where Batman gets captured and unmasked by Superman although it’s fake you see Darkseid army all around Batman taking over before Bruce Wayne wakes up. I honestly think this movie was shot through Batman’s mind and then he wakes up. He’s mad at Superman for all the destruction and chaos going on in the world and this is how he will end it with Superman six feet under like he planned it with prep time.
Well Batman wakes up and so does Superman or at least we think he did anyone else see the dirt rise from the coffin? Sure Bruce that’s how you wanted it all to go down but not the audience we wanted more. We deserved more! So though I do believe the ratings for the movie were harsh I still think it fell short of its mark on story telling.

 6 outta 10 

Author: FTESWL

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