The Division Review: To Rogue or Nah

Are you ready to help stop terrorism? 

Written by: Kosher

It has been just a little bit over a week since Division agents have been activated and dispatched all over New York to help find a cure for this small pox virus and to stop the anarchy going on in the state and virtually around the world. I myself have logged in around 3-4 days on the game already and I only find myself stopping for sleep, food, work and spending time with family/love ones.

Now I know you’re thinking to yourself man Kosher get a life! I do have a life and this review will help me analyze why I need to cool down on playing and let me really enjoy the game.

I do enjoy the game but the story sold itself a bit short and didn’t feel complete. No spoiler alert but I wanted more of a resolve and since I can’t find it. I find myself just doing the necessary side missions to fulfill my 100% at the base of operations. Once that was completed I went into the belly of the beast. The dark zone.

Now before we talk about the dark zone you have to understand it’s easy to level up in the light zone. Find one of your homies who is a way higher level than you and tag along on their missions. You will get so much EXP you can thank me later. I did do a little bit of that and I made sure to pay it forward to my friends who had levels below me as well.

The dark zone is a beast on its own. The ads in there are usually the same level or higher than you and they can overwhelm you if you aren’t well equipped or if you don’t have a nice squad. At first when I went to the dark zone all I did was farm for weapon parts, Phoenix credit and high end/superior weapons. Avoiding going rogue at all cost. But after having over 2 million in light zone currency and over 200k in dark zone currency I felt the urge to flex a little bit with my agent.

Now I do not have a particular type of build with my agent just yet I am just a jack of all trades. I have the Midas, the Pecan, the Demascus and some other great weapons and I was tired of killing the bosses I needed to go rogue I felt the need to “disavow the agency” What does this mean? That means no one was safe with me and my crew. We constantly were downing and killing other agents for the thrill of it and escaping our most wanted level from other agents trying to gun us down for EXP. Now be warned if you go rogue you lose double EXP and dark zone currency but the thrill is unmatched.

Where this game is going to excel is the PVP aspect. I feel they discourage right now people to go rogue because you really do not get enough EXP back in my opinion when you successfully get your timer back to 0. It feels better than a 5 star rating on Grand Theft Auto. The only thing that sucks about this game is I wish there was GTA allowed in the Division cause my character has probably ran 3 marathons so far. P. Diddy has nothing on me, I literally run New York. So if you come across me in the dark zone lobby just know the Purge is on!


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