JC: With the lucky steak of the ATL Hawks finally ending to a noodle armed Drew Brees, all is right in the NFL

Kosher: ATL losing? Did not see that happening to the Saints.


JC: Bills are banged up with T. Taylor due to miss the game. Bengals showed they are real for the regular season.

Kosher: Look for the Bengals to stay undefeated.


JC: Broncos defense will handle the Browns.

Kosher: The Broncos defense is undefeated.


JC: J. Cutler had the Bears offense showing them old flashes. And the Lions are so outta luck people are wishing for them to go 0-16 again.

Kosher: I want the Lions to win 1 game. I still do not believe in Cutler.


JC: My breh A. Hurns has been killing it and the Texans don’t know who they want their QB to be so look for the Jags to get a division win.

Kosher: Watch the Jags muster up some offense to defeat the anemic Texans.


JC: As long as A. Smith is the QB. Ain’t no sunshine.

Kosher: I think the Vikings keep winning at home.


JC: This is the battle of which QB wont lose the game. Whoever stops the run wins.

Kosher: Look for Jet’s defense to have fun this game.


JC: Cards will contain M. Vick and build a streak.

Kosher: I do not trust M. Vick back there. Palmer is gonna eat well.


JC: Trap game for the Titans. Dolphin players know the pressure to perform is on them after the firing of the coach. Look for them to wake up.

Kosher: Dolphins being in disarray, Titans should finally get a home win.


JC: I still got the Seahawks reaching Super Bowl 50 but I feel Cam will get it done.

Kosher: Highly competitive game, but I think Cam will get his win on this rematch.


JC: Packers at home

Kosher: Green bay.


JC: Coach Harbaugh of the Ravens will unleash payback on the 9ers for the treatmeant of his brother. Another L for SF.

Kosher: Who ever produces a run game will win. Look for Ravens to sneak this out.


JC: Pats will steam roll the hapless overrated Colts. Averaging almost 40ppg the last 5 against them.

Kosher: Deflatgate what? Patriots will feast Tom Brady loves these games.


JC: G Men steal a game on the road to keep the division locked up.

Kosher: Close rivalry game where Eli pulls it out.

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