NFL Week 4 Picks

JC: I had Vick doing the damn thing but who knew that would only last a half

Kosher: Did not think Ravens would produce enough offense. But I did honestly believe Steelers offense wouldn’t flow as it should since Big Ben is out.

JC: Look for MIA to right the ship in London this week. NYJ came back to earth and realized who their QB was last week against Philly.

Kosher: Dolphins should win in a very close rivalry game.

JC: And I just said I would pick against ATL every week. I can’t do that here . HOU was gifted a win last week and after two tough road wins, ATL gets to come home. Matt Ryan over Ryan Mallet.

Kosher: Falcons will be 4-0.

JC: This is a true test to see if BUF is for real. L McCoy and S. Watkins are both out so a lot of pressure is on T. Taylor and Coach Ryan. NYG finally closed a game off last week but mistakes against BUF will be fatal.

Kosher: Giants need this win but I do not see them holding off Buffalo and their defense. Buffalo wins.

JC: CHI is having a fire sale on most of their players. The tank is in motion. A win for OAK will show how real the turnaround for the franchise is.

Kosher: Toss up of the week. Raiders have a more complete team but can they execute. I still have them winning.

JC: KC was embarassed last week against GB showing how weak that offense is. CIN is rolling and you need points to match them with AJ Green rolling. CIN goes 4-0

Kosher: Bengals offense will keep rolling. Look for a high scoring game here.

JC: Jags on the road . A. Luck has a shoulder injury so things could get interesting. TEN let them off the hook last week but until i get word that Luck is out, IND got this.

Kosher: I don’t see the jags being able to stop Luck.

JC: TB at home FTW

Kosher: Cam Newton is mentoring Winston. Here is the teacher teaching the student.

JC: We all know K. Cousins isn’t a starter in the NFL but a good defense has carried many a QBs. PHL showed life last week and the question is which team plays this week.

Kosher: Eagles are way too unpredictable. At least redskins have a run game. Redskins close win.

JC: SD singing home sweet home and the gift waiting for them is CLE. Look for P. Rivers to shred them

Kosher: Look for Rivers to start fast and cruise to victory.

JC: The battle of defense but STL lacks the offense to take advantage of turnovers their offense might give them. ARI stays undefeated.

Kosher: Cardinals dominance will not slow down in this rivalry game.

JC: DEN’s defense has caused problems for every opponent. T. Bridgewater needs to be on his A game for MIN to keep this game close. P. Manning looks to be getting more and more comfortable on offense and that just spells trouble.

Kosher: Broncos defense is so good that they can keep any game close. But I feel like AD will be able to break them down as it gets later on in the game. Close game Minny wins.

JC: Remember when C. Kaepernick burst on the scene and set playoff records against GB? That won’t happen again. A. Rod gets the win.

Kosher: Niners will not stop Rogers.

JC: Battle of the backups with it looking like D. Brees is still out.

Kosher: Saints should be able to pull this win our. Cowboys way too depleted offensively.

JC: DET come out more west to continue to disappoint in primetime.

Kosher: Seattle back on their winning ways and Detriot will not get in the way of that.

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