NFL Week 3 Picks

JC: NFC Least with a tough matchup of who wants to lose the most. Giants keep throwing games away with time management and you never know which K. Cousins will show up. But the home team should pull it off.

Kosher: Redskins will not pull off another win against the rivals and Eli finally gets his first win.

JC: Ravens defense gets lit up against D. Carr and Oakland. Bengal’s offense has looked sharp. Ravens lose 3 straight.

Kosher: Without Terrell Suggs Ravens defense looking sluggish. I do not see the Ravens having the firepower to be able to keep up with the Bengals.

JC: Carolina has D. Brees number and with his shoulder injury, should be easy to keep that Aints offense contained.

Kosher: If Drew Brees is injured like the rumor is saying it’s not going to get any better for the Saints. Carolina wins this game easy.

JC: Oakland continues to win against a Cleveland team unsure of its identity on offense. Oakland defense should make plays against a tough Cleveland defense.

Kosher: Oakland has the better equip tools to handle business in Cleveland.

JC: Atlanta Hawks felix felicis runs out finally against Dallas at home. (I will pick against ATL every week )

Kosher: Atlanta will handle a pretty desolate cowboys offense.

JC: With D. Hopkins going through the concussion protocol and A. Foster still a no go. That Texans defense has too many question marks. I’m back being a homer and going with Famous and the Bucs.

Kosher: Houston’s lack of offense is disgusting. Look for Winston to weather the storm the D line of Houston will bring but he will still come out with a victory.

JC: Vikings are finding their groove and the theme for this week is go with the home team. AP goes over 100 yards back to back weeks.

Kosher: Good luck to the Chargers on trying to stop AD this week.

JC: Patriots are the best team in football. It’s going to be a hard task for the young Jags to overcome T. Brady when he’s playing at this level. 7 tds in two games.

Kosher: I honestly do not see the Jags being able to slow down the Superbowl champs.

JC: The Eagles offense against the Cowboys was ugly . The Jets held the Colts offense in check and with it being at home they can win 3 straight.

Kosher: The Eagles offense looks trash and the Jet’s defense are only getting better. Jets will win.

JC: Rams defense that let M. Jones run all over it faces L. Bell back from suspension with D. Williams who looks 10 years younger. Big Ben and AB84 put the Steelers over five hundred.

Kosher: L Bell is coming back for the Steelers and that offense looks like it is just clicking. I do not see the Rams stepping in front of Steelers and winning this game.

JC: You know your division is in the twlight zone when the Jags look like the best team in it. This will be a close game and i expect M. Mariota to look the better against A. Luck who leads the NFL in turnovers since 2014.

Kosher: Mariota looks to break the losing streak of the Titans against the colts 11 out of 12 loses. Colts have way more problems than the media has told the public yet.

JC: Cardinals at home against a 9er defense that couldn’t stop traffic.

Kosher: Carson Palmer and the Cardinals will have their way with the 49ers.

JC: Buffalo looking to get back on track against a Miami team with questions on offense and defense.

Kosher: Buffalo defense learned a lot last game. Look for them the right the ship and win against Miami.

JC: Seattle gets K. Chancellor back against an injured Bears offense and weak defense. Seahawks get back on track.

Kosher: Simply put the Seahawks will not go 0-3.

JC: Lions gon lions and it hurts me to pick the Broncos.

Kosher: Broncos defense is way too tough. Broncos win another game.

JC: Another home game for A. Rodgers where he hasn’t thrown an INT in the last 18 games at home with 43 tds. KC would need turnovers for their offense to stick with GB.

Kosher: Cannot go against Aaron Rogers at home, I learned that last week against Seattle. Green Bay wins this game.

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