Tom Brady innocent or guilty

On July 28th, 2015 the Commissioner Roger Goodell of the NFL upheld the four game suspension on the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. This was after the fact that the Patriots and Robert Kraft their owner stood down from fighting the suspension and two loss of draft picks and fined one million dollars. One of the draft picks will be a first rounder for next year. Tom Brady nor the Patriots could come up with new evidence to overturn the Commissioners original ruling and now the fight begins. The main issue at hand is this cell phone Tom Brady used during the NFL season last year with over 5,000 texts to and from Tom Brady. Roger Goodell asked for the cell phone and Tom Brady decided it was best to destroy it. The NFL can not legally demand anything from a player because they have no jurisdiction in that manner. Tom Brady is totally in the clear for doing that but was that the best choice? The NFL relies on compliance. They expect the teams, players, referees anyone involved to do the right thing. The NFL expects a transparency between all the parts that makes the NFL a billion dollar organization it is today. This “deflate gate” as the media is calling it is twisting the arm of compliance and giving it another bad eye. The Patriots have said they will not do the ring celebration without their QB starting. Tom Brady is adamant that he didn’t do anything wrong and he was not involved with any possible mishap with the footballs. But why destroy the phone that could possibly clear you or provide the evidence that makes you guilty? Unless it really has to do with the later. Tom Brady is a great quarterback, a hall of fame player, a legend in the game today. Does this controversial incident put an asterisk by his name? He is going to take this suspension to court where he hopes to get it appeal. Tom Brady still won the Superbowl last year. This really doesn’t change anything from last years results. Tom Brady a 4x time Superbowl champion quarterback. But is he also now a cheater in your eyes? Or is it no harm no foul? You be the judge.

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